Quality Analysis and Testing Web Applications

Get 360 Degrees Quality Check of Web Applications

From corporate websites to multi-player online games, eTechMavens has been part of different projects for several companies from different part of the world. Web application testing is an important and essential procedure to ensure that the solution that you are offering to your customers and users is bug-free and flawless. At eTechMavens, we understand your business and how important the applications are for your business. With the help of our expert team of QAs and web application testing team, we use advanced methodologies to provide you agile QA service which helps in the best product or solution delivery.

There are different types of devices in the market, and different devices have different software environment, hardware components and various other platform. In order to ensure that the application that you are planning to launch is working fine with all the above parameters, it is very important and essential to check the application for all the angles. With the help of eTechMavens’s 360 degree web application quality testing service, you can be assured that your application will just receive positive responses and no errors.

Simple reasons why you should opt for QA and Web Application Testing services

Functional Testing

When there are different types of websites, devices, browsers, software and hardware platforms then it is very essential to check whether your website will work appropriate on all these parameters. From streaming content to site navigation, search functionality to transaction handling, each and every aspect of the website and functions is covered in the functional testing.

Usability and Compatibility Testing

We also ensure that the application offers the expected responsiveness and its behaviour in different scenario. We also ensure that it is compatible with different platforms, modules, modes, etc.

Assessment and Automation

Before starting the project, we run the gap analysis by which we can provide you complete difference between your application and the competitor application. We also use automated smoke tests and regression testing as our regular testing procedure.

Load Testing

By using appropriate simulator tools, we also test the load of the application as per different user based scenarios.

At eTechMavens, we have our own testing lab which helps in providing fast and accurate test results to our clients. Unlike various companies in the market, which promise to provide you the best testing service, but in fact outsource the same to third party agencies, eTechMavens provides you immediate and quality results that you can rely on. We have been IT partner for several companies in the market for more than a decade now for various services including web application testing. We have staff with in depth technical and strong knowledge tools for performing QA on different applications and testing procedures. Our team of experts also have forte in advanced and next generation technologies like cloud computing and virtualization. We assure you to provide you the best in class service at the most competitive prices.