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Testing services

eTechMavens Quality assurance services bring out consistent quality in IT management processes. Organization’s expansion leads to increased optimization of business processes to gain the extra competitive edge. Adoption of software solutions, various business applications, enterprise solutions has increased the need for optimized and 100% accurate performance at all times. Though ‘Change is permanent’ holds true for software, there are high chances of minute errors always possible. For efficient functioning of business processes, validation of software is highly essential. So be it the recent mobile application you just developed or your web applications, without proper testing… you are losing out the race! Are you still wondering help would eTechMavens Quality assurance services provide?

Quality Assurance

Let’s first focus on understanding Quality assurance in a better manner. A well-planned, systematic set of activities ensuring that mobile app/web app conform to your requirements, standards and procedures. Stringent QA processes include a lot of strategic designing, development, enhancement and maintenance. Involving all minute details about the performance of applications under various different conditions, associated data, documentation and supporting paperwork. A highly crucial portion of software development lifecycle, eTechMavens QA services assures the standards and procedures are established and followed throughout. Our offerings include:

  • Compliance with established requirements & standards
  • Thorough evaluation with process monitoring, product evaluation
  • Audit and Testing
  • 24*7 technical assistance
  • ”Expert
  • ”]
  • ”Expert
  • ”]
  • On time delivery of projects
  • Seamless communication
  • Expert advice and suggestions based on R&D
  • Highly affordable pricing structure
  • Performance of Root Cause analysis
  • Load Testing, Stress Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Compatibility and Usability Testing

Mobile Application Testing

When it comes to testing mobile applications, there are unique challenges, with keeping in line your business idea the tradeoffs needs to be considered heavily and with precise testing choices. Because each testing choice will have its own pros and cons. eTechMavens strategizes the best testing plan while striking the perfect balance for cost, quality, and time-to-market.

Native applications do provide a rich experience to the user, but a tiresome experience for the Mobile application tester by adding onto the complexity. eTechMavens accurate testing ascertains that the app can be successfully downloaded to the device, executed and interacted with the supporting back-end content infrastructure.

Web Application Testing

eTechMavens web application testing ensures the management and engineering efforts result in a product that meets all of its requirements. Our basic, simple grilling procedure is initiated with performance testing and checking:

  • Will my application handle the load or will it fall apart?
  • Will my product meet all my pre-defined targets?
  • Number of simultaneous users
  • Stress handling capacity
  • Comply with regulatory guidelines

With eTechMavens, explore from a plethora of world-class customized testing services. eTechMavens believes in reaching out to the right people and eventually assisting them grow their business with extensive IT services. Grow with Us!