iOS App Development

eTechMavens an offshore iOS app development company offers strategically well-planned apps for your business. Our tech teams are equipped with knowledge across various different domains and industry backgrounds, which make them aware of the core challenges. In-depth knowledge and expert advice from our teams will assist in shaping your perceptions better. We build scalable and responsive iOS apps.

Android App Development

eTechMavens is an offshore Android App development solutions company focusing towards providing you the best always. With the advent of Smartphone generation, Android seemed like a beginner to many… deeper exploration and awesome upgrades have led to the huge popularity amongst all. The majority of the market today is highly adaptable to Android and iOS updates and religiously follow the technology trends. Being an open-source and easy tutorials available, Android has attracted a lot of curious developer community as well. Android application development is here to rule the minds and win our hearts.

Cross Platform App Development

Enterprise Mobility has given rise to a new arena with a plethora of cross-platform app development applications. ‘Write once runs anywhere’ cross platform mobile development basically means that the conceptualization is once, whereas it can be executed and operational across different platforms. The mobile market today is highly dictated by iOS & Android devices, companies today have also adapted to them easily with the advent of cross-platform app development. Highly popular frameworks Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Titanium and HTML5 rule the market, so which cross-platform development should you choose? Which framework supports your requirements, is easier to manage and better? Let us take a journey within and dive deep into all these three cross-platform frameworks and try to find out which one suits you best.

More Solutions

eTechMavens suggest checking out our comprehensive portfolio of technology and business services which assist you to drive growth and new sources of value. eTechMavens is a leading PHP web development company which ensures a vibrant online presence for your business.

E-commerce is the future, with many organizations moving into eCommerce applications. But the looming problem still remains, how user-friendly is your e-commerce store? Are you able to engage your customers or are they just visitors? Are you gaining enough ROI? Shopping cart abandonment is yet another issue. eTechMavens e-commerce application development assists you in ‘Shaping your future through our development’.

CMS solutions from eTechMavens for an effective ROI and feature-rich website. In order to cater our ideal solution to our clients, we choose from a wide range of enterprise-level CMS solutions like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Are you, skeptical about which open source technology to go ahead with? We can help you migrate your CMS, choose the right solution and customize it to your specific needs.