PHP Web App Development

“Envision your dreams take shape, assisting you achieve your future milestones…”

eTechMavens, an offshore Web application development company excels in providing you state-of-art technology that drives change, drives performance and raises the bar! Leveraging you above the ordinary, we believe in catering innovative technology solution at affordable rates. Designed to perfection, eTechMavens believe in sculpting your thoughts and chiselling it to perfection with our technical know-how. So you have a thought, entering a new business arena? eTechMavens assist you develop business-centric web applications to help your organization stay connected seamlessly. Interact, operate and gain more business value.

PHP is an open source technology, add-on values are it assists minimize development costs and challenges. eTechMavens have utilized LAMP technology and highly expertise in LAMP development. With PHP development growing up to 30% each month, it’s the highly available on Apache Web servers also. Our team of experts assists in in-depth analysis of your requirement, design, accurate development, minute testing, implementation and round-the-clock support.


eTechMavens simplifies technology for non-techies. A rapid application development framework CakePHP, builds quickly which means it uses code generation features to rapidly build prototypes. No complicated configurations needed. Friendly licenses secure and clean MVC conventions! Maintains a flexible cache, built-in database authentication and object relational mapping framework.  Hire a CarePHP developer today!


Highly powerful and dynamic PHP framework, CodeIgniter ignite minds and showcases mere splendour! Important features include search engine friendly URLs, easier programming, based on MVC architecture, efficient user management and role based access. Highly secure and easily customizable. eTechMavens CodeIgniter brings in the flexibility and sky-high features of an open source framework into web application development. From corporate applications to customized web app development, CodeIgniter supports it all. Hire a CodeIgniter developer today!


Yes it is! Yii abbreviated, is a high-performance framework meant for websites of any scale. eTechMavens perfectly blends technology, quality and creativity with its Yii development services. Super scripting, effective internationalization, search engine friendly URL, easier module development and highly scalable. Hire a Yii developer today!