Engagement Models

Achieve the competitive edge you always wanted with our flexible and next generation delivery strategy. eTechMavens, an IT Outsourcing company comprehends that pricing also matters a lot to clients when they decide to zero upon a service provider for their solution. Simplifying lives and technology, we support with just the “RIGHT” set of service architecture. Choose from a plethora of services of website design and development, mobile app development, Cloud computing & QA services. Accurate Development, On-time Delivery with Affordable pricing, eTechMavens truly believes envisioning a brighter tomorrow…

Fixed Price Model

IT Outsourcing simplified with eTechMavens. You can reap maximum with our Fixed price model, as Customer is truly the King! You get to “Define your projects with a dynamic plan, fixed scope; share your set of priorities and your execution strategy. “ Our team of experts will address your business requirements with their R&D expertise. We clearly share the resources needed, understanding of the project, technical details, timelines, risks and other related factors. 

In basic terms, fixed price model is basically put into action when the project requirements and definitions are clear which assists the development team to plan their actions accordingly. The project costs and delivery schedules can be pre-decided based on different milestone completion. A fixed cost model is highly effective for projects with a clear set of defined boundaries.

Time & Material Model

It’s the best choice when the scope of work isn’t defined and you wish to pay for the number of hours for which the work is done and the amount of accomplished work. Our experts will analyze your requirements thoroughly and coordinate with you to chart out a basic plan with a rough estimation of time to complete your tasks. Clients can alter the team size, project timelines, and resources of the project based on their need.

eTechMavens engagement models are visibly flexible for all our clienteles. We believe in building relations of life and understand the importance and nature of each project. With highly recommend time and material model when the scope of the project is not defined. With variations planned for the future, maybe the project scope will take some time to be finalized. In such cases a flat hourly rate is suggested, where we share the worksheet with the client. This eases the worry creases of the client’s mind, as they can easily pay for the work done. As well they are free to code review, review the project specification documents and eTechMavens supports you seamlessly.

Dedicated Team Model

Basically, a dedicated model is equivalent to the client’s team working offshore. What’s the gain, you ask? eTechMavens supports you with full-time resources working for your project. 100% transparency and in the course of project scalability, product development or re-engineering, we support you wholeheartedly.

This model gives you the flexibility to manage a full-time dedicated team of expert developers. They are assembled as per your choice and needs and will be working in-line for your business needs and development goals.